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A guarantee for all replacement parts


There’s nothing worse than a repair going wrong for some reason. When it happens it’s good to know that Servicesure’s no-nonsense warranty scheme will come to the rescue.


No matter how good the workmanship or the quality of the parts fitted, unfortunately things can still go wrong. Servicesure has an exclusive National Warranty Scheme that guarantees all the replacement parts* that have been fitted to your vehicle, terms and conditions apply.

Take a look at some the key benefits of our National Warranty…


Full Terms & Conditions can be read HERE - Redirected to Servicesure (External Link)

  • Parts and Labour underwritten by Servicesure

    All costs are covered by Servicesure and The Parts Alliance under the Servicesure National Warranty, including both parts and labour. So if repairs are required under warranty you can rest assured you won’t be out of pocket.

  • Repairs carried out by our Servicesure Autocentre

    If repairs are required under the Servicesure National Warranty they don’t have to be done at the garage where they originally took place. So if your vehicle is anywhere in the UK it can be repaired at the nearest Servicesure garage without any hassle.

    In the event of a warranty repair, the repairing garage agrees to treat the customer with the utmost consideration and to provide a repair service as soon as reasonably practicable.

  • All enquiries & claims handled at our UK office

    All National Warranty claims are handled by our dedicated Servicesure team based in the UK. This means that is you need to make a claim or if you have any enquiry about the Service National Warranty friendly Servicesure staff will be available to help.

    Contact the team on 0330 041 2114.

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National Warranty

Call Us: 01352 720444

Call Us: 01352 720444